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World of Freight

Our Story

World of Freight started as a collection of 10,000 unique and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created in early September 2021, priced at 0.08 ETH. Our initial plan was just to bring together a group of Freight Frens who'd be interested in supporting us in building a new supply chain protocol - Supplain. However, the more we developed the World of Freight collection and its utilities, the further we wanted to take this ecosystem. That's why we added the Garage, the Junkyard, the Racing Arena, the WOF Utility Token and much more into our development plans.

We initially launched without any outside promotion, only relying on Twitter and word-of-mouth. However, we quickly realised that this would take too long, and the Community would just move on. That's when we decided to start doing collaborations with various YouTubers, starting with Deezy's NFT Show from within the BitBoy Crypto ecosystem.

At the same time, we wanted to show the Community that regardless of how long it takes to get all World of Freight vehicles out there, we'll start building now and just keep delivering. Less than one month later, we were giving finishing touches to all the additions mentioned above while also creating a new collection that would be freely available to the existing Hodlers - Freight Punks.

And that's just the beginning. This story will keep on progressing as we advance.

Our Ecosystem and their Utility


The World of Freight Vehicles were the first 10000 WOF NFTs to drop, 25 of which are 1/1 versions. There are 38 different vehicle types, and these are also the only WOF NFTs to yield $WOF utility tokens daily. Each WOF Vehicle NFT produces 25 $WOF every day for the next ten years. These can also be used as a Profile picture, or hopefully, one day be used across the Metaverses to move around.

Some of their other exciting utilities are:
- Race with your Vehicles at the Racing Arena by spending $WOF to win more $WOF if you win.
- Rename your Vehicles at the Garage by spending $WOF.
- Upgrade your Vehicle's Body Paint and other properties at the Garage by spending $WOF.
- Burn your existing Vehicles to get new ones at the Junkyard by spending $WOF.
- Unlock exclusive channels in the World of Freight Discord server.
- Yield 25 $WOF per Day.

And get access to all the new projects WOF Labs is working on.


As a first expansion to the World of Freight Ecosystem, we introduced Freight Punks. As the story goes, they are entirely normal men, women, aliens, apes and zombies working in the World of Freight - looking to deliver your packages, if only the containers would be unloaded. Each World of Freight Vehicle NFT gives its owner the right to mint one Freight Punk for just the gas.

Some of their exciting utilities are:
- You can rename your Freight Punk at the Garage by spending $WOF.
- Freight Punks can also be used together with the WOF Vehicles at the Racing Arena for special bonuses.
- At the Supplain tokens distribution event, every combo of a World of Freight & Freight Punks NFTs will earn you 25% extra of Supplain tokens.
- The proceeds from their trading volume will be used to buy one of those Cryptopunks, which will be fractionalised amongst the crew.
- There will be special merch sales and other discounts targeted only towards Freight Punks owners.
- And we may develop separate content and games for Freight Punks in the future.

Future Direction


Our primary destination is launching the Supplain protocol.
However, we have planned some fun pit stops for our freight frens along the ride.

Once we hit a target sell-through percentage, we will add these to our itinerary.


We create a Racing Arena with a Garage & Junkyard. Plus, the first 2500 NFT Hodlers get 500 extra WOF Tokens.


We release the Freight Punks. They come with special powers, joining only the Vehicles that have been minted by Nov 30th.


Members-Exclusive Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition hats, hoodies, and other goodies.


The 3D Converter Machine gets fixed. And the Racing Arena enters a new dimension.


We find a long lost map leading the way to an abandoned warehouse. Is it time for a treasure hunt? Someone mentioned Tesla Model 3, but that cannot be all...


Invites to an IRL event are sent out.


A Portal opens, and in come some odd-looking Vehicles. Are you ready?

Our Liquid Super Team

World of Freight is created by WOF Labs.
Our core members include:

Sander. The Ape

Sander. The Ape

Marketing wiz

Keirin. Waifu Fox

Keirin. Waifu Fox

Knows products

Artur. Original Miner

Artur. Original Miner

Speaks tech

Alex The Grey

Alex The Grey

Is wise

Getting Started

Have a question?
We had so many answers that we decided to move them to a separate place.

Check it out via here: https://worldoffreight.gitbook.io/world-of-freight/

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