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As a first expansion to the
World of Freight Ecosystem, we introduced

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As the story goes, they are entirely normal men, women, aliens, apes and zombies working in the World of Freight - looking to deliver your packages, if only the containers would be unloaded.

Each World of Freight Vehicle NFT gives its owner the right to mint one Freight Punk for just the gas.

Freight Punks preview
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Freight Punks


For a limited period, every World of Freight Vehicle NFT Hodler will be able to attract a Freight Punk NFT to join their Vehicle. Claiming the token is free; you'll only have to pay the gas.

These punks are not for sale. The only way to adopt one is to claim it by having a WOF Vehicle NFT in your wallet. You can claim one random Freight Punk for each WOF Vehicle you own. Once a Vehicle Hodlers has claimed a punk, no one cannot use that token to claim another Freight Punk again.

The unclaimed punks? They'll be released into the ocean, most will sink, but some might return via future reward programs.

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Freight Punks


The Freight Punks collection will initially have a 10% royalty fee associated with secondary sales on OpenSea. All proceeds we generate from this fee will be used to buy one of those Cryptopunks, which will be fractionalised amongst the WOF Vehicle NFT Hodlers. Once this has been done, we'll change the royalty fee structure.


There are 10,000 total Freight Punk NFTs. Each punk is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Every punk in the collection is unique and programmatically generated from over 161 possible traits. Some traits are rarer than others.

Freight Punks - preview of 3 NFT's

The Freight Punks come with additional utilities:

  • - You can rename your Freight Punk at the Garage by spending $WOF.
  • - Freight Punks can also be used together with the WOF Vehicles at the Racing Arena for special bonuses.
  • - More will be revealed in time.