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WOF token?

$WOF is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the primary fuel for everything in the World Of Freight universe. And it is already out there!

People can use $WOF tokens for customizing vehicles, racing with vehicles and swapping vehicles. In the future, the tokens might give access to other exclusive experiences, items, perks, content and more within the World of Freight ecosystem.

These tokens are earned by owning the genesis World of Freight vehicles and can be swapped via the Uniswap protocol.

Golden WOF Token


Every WOF vehicle NFT yields 25 $WOF a day. It’s like a self-renewable energy source or a gift that keeps on giving.


Wanna rename your vehicle? Pay 250 $WOF, and it is on the blockchain. Or do you need to upgrade the vehicle’s stats, give it a new paint job or customise something else? Sure, there’s a price list for all the jobs offered at the Garage.


Don’t like your old sleigh? Send it to the Junkyard and pay 10000 $WOF to receive a new shiny beauty, fresh from the service.

Race Against Others

Feeling confident that you have the best Freight Vehicle? Get on the line with others, and find out who has the best wheels. Joining races costs a minimum of 100 $WOF, and we will add most of the tokens to the award pool for the winning teams.

$WOF supply:

coming soon

$WOF Smart Contract:


$WOF is the utility token that fuels the World Of Freight ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

Each World of Freight vehicle gives its owner the ability to claim 25 $WOF tokens per day. World of Freight vehicles will produce a total of 91,250,000 $WOF per year over a period of ten years.

In the future, we will start burning a percentage of the supply of $WOF, whenever it is used. The exact terms are TBD with the community

Where you can go crazy with your tokens:

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